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"Where there's a band saw in use, there's a need for Paddock guides."

Model #20

Achieve the Best in Performance for your Industrial-grade Band Saws

Order Our Model #20 Guides

Paddock Tool Co. Inc. is the home for all of your band saw guide needs. Our products have been manufactured in the USA since 1921 and are backed by a 100% quality guarantee. The Model #20 guide provides customers with the absolute best in terms of quality, performance, and craftsmanship.

Model #20 Specifications

Model #20 guides can be installed on any machine having at least 2-1/2" from back of blade to top guide post, and from back of blade to frame below table and will support blades from 1/4" to 2" wide. For 2" blade simply remove and reverse the center assembly. Do not remove the wheel from slides. Ball bearing guide wheels are 2-1/4" O.D.

Model #20 Parts

  1. Thumb Screw
  2. Large Slide
  3. Small Slide
  4. Slide Connecting Screw
  5. Assembly (two thumb screws, two washers, one large slide, one small slide, and one slide connecting screw) 
  6. Lower Guide Bracket
  7. No. 617-R Ball Bearing Wheel, double sealed
  8. 5/16" Set Screw
  9. 3/4" Top Guide Shaft
  10. Washer
  11. 5/16" x 1" Cap Screw
  12. 3/4" Lower Guide Shaft
  13. Upper Guide Body Casting
  14. Lower Guide Body Casting
To determine the model that you need for your band saw, please be ready with the following information:
  • Name and model of saw (if available)
  • Distance from back of blade to guide post
  • Distance from back of blade to frame below table
  • Size of insert slot in upper guide post 
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