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Installing Paddock Band Saw Guides

Tips for Installing Your Band Saw Guide

Follow these instructions when installing your Paddock Tool Co. Inc.'s band saw guide for optimal performance and support. We stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of all our products. Place your order with us today!

Steps for Adjusting Blade Width Thickness and Alignment

1. Secure thrust wheels using wing nut on side (thumbscrews on Model 20). Leave room between blade and thrust wheel for following adjustments.

2. Set guide so that blade is aligned with grooves in thrust wheel on models 10 and 20; align with center of bearing on model 0. (On Models 10 and 0, upper guide may be aligned by rotating top guide shaft, the lower guide by adjusting lower guide bracket. The model 20 guide is aligned by adjusting upper and lower brackets.)

3. Adjust guides forward on shaft until front edge of side bearings are just behind blade tooth gullets. Lock guides in place.

4. Set side bearings close to blade without binding. (Correct blade clearance may be obtained by placing strips of paper on both sides of blade while pressing side bearings together.) Lock bearings in place by tightening cap screws.

5. Set thrust wheels within 1/64" of blade. Lock in place by using two wing nuts (thumbscrews on Model 20) on each side of body casting. On Models 10 and 0 BE SURE TO FIRST TIGHTEN WING NUT ON SIDE MARKED "LOCK FIRST," as the special design of the center shaft locks center ring of thrust wheel in place so that the wheel runs on bearings and not on shaft.

6. Readjust guides as necessary to maintain these settings.

Retrofitting Our Guides

Our band saw guides can be retrofitted onto any vertical band saw. We have several special brackets available for adapting our models onto a number of brand name saws. Please provide the model, make, and size of your band saw when ordering so we can determine the best model for your needs.
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Brands We Have Retrofitted With Our Guides

  • American
  • Boise Crane
  • Bridgewood
  • Craftsman
  • Continental
  • Dake
  • Do All
  • Davis and Wells
  • Duro
  • Fay & Egan
  • Forrest
  • Jones Superior
  • Jet (Large)
  • Kalamazoo
  • Laguna
  • Northfield
  • Oliver
  • Powermatic
  • Rockwell Delta
  • Sentauro
  • Tannewitz
  • Walker Turner
  • Yates American
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